Top 5 Blog Writing Mistakes

Top 5 Blog Writing Mistakes

If you have a passion for writing, you can find a lot of satisfaction in blogging. Whether you run your own blog or write for someone else’s blog, you need to keep things interesting. As you might already know, blog writing generally has an informal style so that the blogger can form a bond with the readers.

While many people enjoy reading blogs, there are some things that can turn readers off. Grammatical mistakes are some of them. If you plan to write a blog, make sure you don’t make these common blog writing mistakes.

1. Having stiff writing

As I wrote earlier, blog writing should be informal. It should make the readers feel at home. Blog writing is not at all like writing a research paper. While a little bit of research will always help, the tone of the article should not be like you’re addressing your professor but rather like you’re addressing your friends. Conversational style writing will help you out here. Write like you’re talking to them.

2. Talking too much about yourself

Many young writers make this mistake. While this might sound harsh, the truth is that your readers don’t care about you as your writer – well, at least not for now. When you become famous, you might want to talk about your stories. But for now, don’t post too much about yourself. Just concentrate on the niche of the blog. If your blog is on trucks, concentrate more on types of trucks and less on how you met a weird old man when you were driving a truck once.

3. Not focusing on the topic

While picking a topic for blogging, make sure you pick a focused subject that will help people out. “How to earn money” will be a very broad subject and will probably lack all the important details. Instead, you can focus on “How to earn money using watermelon seeds” (although I’m not sure how that will work – but I hope you get the point!) Focusing on the topic will be more beneficial for your readers. And what’s good for your audience is good for you.

4. Not planning it

You don’t have to write down a formal outline before writing the blog, but having a general outline in your mind will be a good idea. It will help you stay focused and not sway around too much while writing. Many amateur writers lose their focus while writing and thus the blog doesn’t look too streamlined. Having a rough plan will help you focus on the main points.

5. Not using the right data

A lot of people use Facebook” doesn’t pack a lot of punch but “Facebook has about 2.23 billion users all over the world” sounds impressive. When you use some researched numbers, you prove your authority over the subject. If it doesn’t take too long in research and helps you “show off” your knowledge (ahem), why not do it?

So there you have it. The top 5 blogging mistakes. If you’re planning to write a blog, make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Deliver a powerful blog!

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