How To Build Customer Engagement with Your Content in 2018

How To Build Customer Engagement with Your Content in 2018

Bob sees your page on social media. He takes a quick look and moves on. He doesn’t interact with it. Same is with Alice. She goes through a couple of posts and leaves the page.

They are not being engaged.

Thanks to social media, users interact with their brands now more than ever. If they’re not interacting with your brand, you need to rethink your strategies.

Here are some ways you can build customer engagement in 2018 with your content

1. Get audience specific

Over the past few years, content marketing has been targeting millennials. However, as the new generation is already here and has become the primary consumer of most products, it’s important that you include it in your content marketing strategy. You might want to study some trends that are specific to each generation to target them effectively.

Most millennials have already reached their thirties and the current generation is Gen Z. Depending on your product, make sure you target the right generation.

2. Get user involvement

You can invite your followers or audience to present their viewpoints on a specific topic. And when they give their opinions, you can pick the best entry and publish it on your page with credits to that user. This increases involvement. People will start engaging with your content more happily and actively if they know they will appear in limelight.

3. Humanise it

Your content should add a personal touch to it. Not very long ago, things were all about being “professional”. Everything was formal and there was no personal touch. Now brands want their customers to feel at home with their brand.

This is easier with retail items. If you produce things that can be bought directly by customers, you can create a personal touch. It becomes difficult if you have a B2B business. However, even if run a B2B company, you can still add a personal touch that lets users know that there are real people behind the company and they want to create a personal feel.

4. Unleash the sass

It’s all about social media now. And social media isn’t just about creating random boring posts about your product. Companies hire talented youth who can be sassy on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter handles of big companies don’t just tweet diplomatic tweets but also show their sass. One such Twitter account is of Wendy’s.

Wendy’s is known for its sarcastic Twitter handle that knows how to handle trolls with its witty replies. This keeps people entertained and builds their interest in the brand. People often ask Wendy’s to make fun of a particular person because they’re so much in love with its wit.

5. But draw a line

Being sassy and witty is cool. But you need to understand that a corporate account has some limits. Your social media posts can be witty but not offensive. It’s a very thin line and can be the worst nightmare of any social media manager.

Often when people applauding your posts, you lose that balance and wander over to the offensive side. Make sure you always maintain that fine balance. Because it can take just one tweet to destroy your brand image.

Get going

With these simple tips, you can build customer engagement with your content. The more engagement you get, the more brand loyalty you’ll build. If you need assistance with writing catchy, targeted content, hire experienced professionals with talent and flair for writing just that! 



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