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We have a standardised process to ensure that we meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations. Once you contact us for our services, we will send you a form to understand exactly what you need.

Step #1 Fill out the information form

Step #2 Sign an agreement which includes the price, time-frame, our refund policy and content ownership

Step #3 Payment

That’s it!

Once the payment is made, we get started right there and then. Once the work is done, we send the first draft over to you. If you need any revisions, just let us know and we’ll gladly make them.

After the revisions are completed, the final draft will be sent to you. It’s completely customised and the process is super simple.

Stand out from the competition with our top quality content development services! It’s simple and quick to order from us.

Filling  in our form takes just a few minutes. The form will give us a clear understanding of what you need from our services.

You will be asked for the following information:

  • Type of content (web content, brochure, article, blog post, press release etc.)
  • Number of pages and the type of pages
  • Topics/titles
  • Word count for each page
  • Your competitor sites/Sites you admire
  • Anything specific that you’d like us to add in the content

Once the writing is submitted to you, you will own the full rights over it. Your Content Creator will not use or share the content in any way.

Yes! – We provide a full refund guarantee if your requirements are not met even after a set of revisions has been completed.


In the very unlikely event you don’t receive the work within the pre-agreed time-frame, you can request a complete refund.

For the protection and convenience of all involved, both Your Content Creator and our clients, we accept payments through PayPal. All invoices must be paid before the work is completed and submitted.

Quick and fast communication is a part of our process. Whether you prefer emails, Skype, or phone calls, we are always available to understand your needs and listen to your concerns.

The quickest way to get all your questions answered is to send us a message, either through our contact form or by emailing us.

We understand that some people would prefer a phone call. If this is the case please email us to arrange a convenient time for an in-depth chat. We can discuss all your writing needs and answer all your questions.