Content Marketing With ZERO Investment? Yes, It’s Possible.

Content Marketing With ZERO Investment? Yes, It’s Possible.

When it comes to content, you’ve got three seconds to make an impression.

3… 2… 1… they’re gone!

Time is of the essence here – people have so much information at their disposal, they give a new page just a few seconds before they bump off.

And let’s face it, content marketing has slowly become one of the most sought-after marketing strategies for small businesses and startups. Mostly because it has a very wide reach.

If you want to leverage this power of content but you think you need to spend heaps of money for it, you’re wrong!

Your money is no good here if you hire the wrong content marketing or content writing company. Boring content that goes on and on and on about your products and services isn’t going to be impressive.

And you need to be impressive – Stat!

So how do you get the right content marketing strategy for your company? Here’s how.


Finding the Right Topics for Your Content

There is no content if you don’t know what to write about. It is important to find and use topics that are relevant to your industry and to what is happening in your field right now. This will gain traction with the masses.

It is necessary to find the right kind of topics to show you as an authority in your industry and to also catch the attention of customers towards your brand.

To get inspiration, think of things that actually go on in your office and take topics from there. External sources such as podcasts, Facebook posts, or even article comments sections are great to find out what readers are looking for.


Curating Your Content

When it finally comes down to writing, you can always hire a content writer and strategist to help you out with your continuous posting.

But since you’re trying to do this without spending any money, an option is getting it done by you or your employees.

It is good to share the job and have everyone contribute to writing posts so that no one solely is burdened with extra work, without time to complete their own.


Think About SEO

Having the right keywords in your content is key so that your audience can see your posts when they search for similar topics. Thankfully, to know the right keywords for you, you don’t need an SEO expert.

There are plenty of free websites that can help you find the most trending keywords in the field of your choice and help you curate content that is high ranking on Google.


Promote it the Right Way

There is no point in writing great content if no one is ever going to see it! Promoting your content is everything when it comes to brand awareness and the correct content marketing.

Social media is a great way to do so as it lets people share for free and the more people you touch with your content, the more shares you can get.

The factor to do well here is to write great content that is worthy of sharing so people would want their peers to read it.

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