SEO Content Creation – Write for Humans; Optimise for Machines

Creating online SEO content for platforms such as blogs, social media, and websites is a true art form. A content creator must have great attention to detail, know how to write engaging material, and also understand the importance of machine optimisation. A writer's content must excite and interest the audience, but it must also be [...]

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How To Build Customer Engagement with Your Content in 2018

Bob sees your page on social media. He takes a quick look and moves on. He doesn’t interact with it. Same is with Alice. She goes through a couple of posts and leaves the page. They are not being engaged. Thanks to social media, users interact with their brands now more than ever. If they’re [...]

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Content Marketing With ZERO Investment? Yes, It’s Possible.

When it comes to content, you’ve got three seconds to make an impression. 3… 2… 1… they're gone! Time is of the essence here – people have so much information at their disposal, they give a new page just a few seconds before they bump off. And let’s face it, content marketing has slowly become [...]

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Why Startups Need to Take Content Marketing Seriously

Your new business is up and running. It’s time to spread the word and create a space for yourself. In this world of technology, content is the king and content marketing is its kingdom. It’s not just a great way to create a scalable and profitable business, but it’s also one of the best ways [...]

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